Company Values


As part of the Amphenol family, Temposonics is committed to workplace diversity and fostering a culture of equality, inclusion, belonging and engagement throughout the organization. This means to respect and to value diversity and different ways of thinking. We believe that these values are essential for achieving business success.

We approach issues in an accountable and comprehensive stance- allowing us to achieve outstanding results.

We take care to always act sustainably, fairly and with integrity because these actions guarantees a solid future.

As the market leader in the field of magnetostrictive position sensors,
we are very excited to take on new challenges and constantly offer innovative sensor solutions.

We do the right thing, always. Maintaining our integrity
and reputation will always be our priority.

The diversity of our workforce and our end markets is a
key pillar of our continued success. We embrace diverse
perspectives as we believe these lead to better long-term
outcomes for our business.

Our culture of ownership and accountability empowers
our people to achieve industry-leading results.

Sustainable business practices are at the core of how
we conduct our operations. We believe that adopting
sustainable business practices is not just the right thing to
do as a global company, it is simply good business.

We are curious, focused and agile. These traits enable
us to discover new solutions that solve our customers’
diverse needs.

Our organization is committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction (TCS = Total Customer Satisfaction).