TempoLink® Smart Assistant

Compact and portable - for the R-Series V


The TempoLink® smart assistant supports the integration of the sensor into the application. It operates as smart assistant between the sensor and the user providing following information for diagnosing the sensor:

  • Current parameter settings such as the resolution and the measurement direction
  • Internal sensor temperature
  • Total operating hours
  • Distance traveled by the position magnets
  • Sensor information such as the order code and serial number

The TempoLink® smart assistant is designed for portable use and, thanks to its compact design, fits in any pocket. It displays the user interface on the smartphone, tablet or computer via an integrated WLAN access point, so access to the company network is not necessary. The connection and communication between the sensor and the assistant is established via power supply. The Temposonics® R-Series V position sensor, in conjunction with the TempoLink®, provides operators with detailed information to improve machine performance, optimize maintenance cycles and detect problems early to increase the machine operating availability.

 Data Sheet (552070 Rev D)

 Operation Manual (551986 Rev E)

 TempoLink® Firmware 1.5.26